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breast cancer awareness

Any person will be happy until he/she is healthy. Every person wishes to have a healthy life without any problems or diseases. But, every person will face one or other health issues in their life. Some situations demand emergency services while some demand early-stage recognition. Ziqitza provides the best emergency services.

Nowadays breast cancer has become the most common type of cancer in women. Even though the cases in India are low, they are rising! This is the thing to think of. Everybody should get the awareness of breast cancer. It’s curable when it is recognized at the correct time. So one should be aware of what breast cancer is and its causes, treatment, etcetera.

Breast cancer awareness month is the month of October. It’s an annual international health campaign organized by many charities of breast cancer to increase funds and also to spread the awareness of breast cancer. ZHL Rajasthan says every person, mainly women of every age should be aware of breast cancer.

National breast cancer awareness month was founded in the year of 1985. A pink ribbon is used to represent the month. Every year month of October was considered to raise funds for breast cancer so that researches could be done on the causes and most effective medical services for breast cancer. Ziqitza Healthcare requests everyone to raise funds so that everyone can help in the research.

One shouldn’t be afraid of breast cancer. Doctors at Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan tell that early recognition of breast cancer can be cured and there are many recoveries among the patients of breast cancer. Ziqitza Limited also says the best way to have more recoveries from the patients of breast cancer is to spread its awareness so that they could find out the initial stage of cancer.

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the cells of the breast. It can be seen in both men and women but it is seen mostly in women. According to Ziqitza Healthcare ltd Even though breast cancer cases in men are less in number, they can attack both men and women. Ziqitza Rajasthan says women have more chances of getting breast cancer than men.

Risk factors of breast cancer:

  1. Inherited genes: when a woman has the genes of a breast cancer patient, she likely has more chances of having breast cancer.
  2. Being female: being female also is a risk factor.
  3. Family history of breast cancer: doctors at Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan tell that women whose mother or sister had breast cancer have more chances of getting cancer.
  4. Radiation exposure: when you are exposed to radiation therapy in your childhood, you may have a risk factor of getting breast cancer in the future.
  5. Obesity: Obesity is also on the list of risk factors for breast cancer. ZHL Rajasthan tells obesity can cause many troubles.
  6. Having never been pregnant: Women who were never been pregnant could have cancer cells in their breasts.
  7. Drinking alcohol: Drinking alcohol can also cause breast cancer.

Along with these, getting first menstruation before the age of 12, having late menopause also stands in the queue of risk factors for getting breast cancer. However, doctors at Ziqitza Healthcare are telling that having a few of these risk factors doesn’t mean that one should get breast cancer. There are many women out there in our society who have some of these symptoms but didn’t get breast cancer.

Prevention of breast cancer:

Even though cases of breast cancer are increasing, we can prevent them before they reach the difficult level to treat. Ziqitza gives the following prevention methods to decrease the chances of getting breast cancer.

  1. Breast cancer screening: You can ask your doctor to screen your breast if you have any doubt about having breast cancer. Many women who identified breast cancer in the early stage had survived.
  2. Self-examination: self-examination helps in identifying cancer in the breast. Ziqitza Rajasthan suggests that every educational institution should provide education about breast cancer for their students.
  3. Moderate intake of alcohol: Alcohol intake is injurious to health but in case, if you need to have alcohol, then limit it to only one glass.
  4. Exercising: Any physical activity to burn up calories is necessary for every person. Every person should do at least 30 minutes of exercise to stay fit and healthy.
  5. Maintaining a healthy weight: Maintaining a healthy weight indicates the loss of obesity which can decrease the chances of getting breast cancer.
  6. Choose a healthy diet: Eating healthy food every day is a treat to the body. Healthy food makes our bodies more energetic. Look at Ziqitza Healthcare ltd for a healthy diet. A healthy diet can put checkmate to many problems. Instead of packed and processed food, having healthy greens and vegetables makes more differences in the part of health. So make sure to include healthy food in your diet daily.

Even though there are risk factors of breast cancer, the exact reason was not found yet. Many kinds of research are going on. In October, let’s join our hands with Ziqitza Limited to raise funds in this National breast cancer awareness month.

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