Women’s returning to the Office after 2 Years of Work From Home


Change in Work Culture:

Covid has changed the working system and style in various ways for different sectors. It has brought about a difference in the way employees used to work. There has been a drastic shift in the work-related scenario and culture owing to the work from home system.

Pressure on women:

For some this transition has been easy and for some, it has been difficult to cope with. Women, especially, have had a lot to deal with this new style of working and have had a tough time handling work as well as home. Women who are married have faced extreme challenges in managing work as well as household chores. The responsibilities have increased double fold for them which has added to the pressure on them as well.

Current scenario for Working women: Now that the situation is improving and things are getting back to normal, organizations have started to call employees to work from office.

Companies have started work from office for its employees and Ziqitza which is a prominent, leading healthcare organization is in favour of this decision. It has been a challenge for women to return to work after 2 years of work and to adapt to work from office culture, but women being the fighters that they are, have resumed their work with zeal. Many organizations have taken the responsibility to make health and safety of women a priority through their healthcare programs. Ziqitza Healthcare limited totally supports these initiatives.

Ziqitza healthcare has urged and wants all companies’ to provide facilities of medical rooms and health centres for its women so that the women employees can handle and reduce stress at work and do not neglect their health. Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd believes that returning to work after a gap of 2 years is challenging for women but if organizations support and take care of them, it becomes a little easy for the women adapt and accept and it gives them the strength and confidence to go back to work.

Support required for women at the workplace:

Everyone knows how women multitask and juggle between different roles and tasks. They are indeed a jack of all and successful medicine both work as well as personal commitments and roles. Despite that, they sometimes need a little encouragement and support where they work. A little thought and care can bring about a vast difference and improvement in their work-life and jobs.

Health and safety of women should be considered a priority and keeping the wellbeing of the women working in the company in mind, various services and facilities like ambulances, Doctors, medical rooms, medical emergency, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing sessions, healthcare programs, welfare programs, health centres, should be provided at the workplace for the holistic care of the women.

Medical aid for women from experienced doctors, prompt medical care and attention, professional help and advice for emotional and mental stress-related issues is a must. Ziqitza limited Rajasthan has also emphasized on the fact that the option of discussing health problems with medical specialists over calls is a must and all employers should ensure that the concerns expressed by their employees are taken seriously and addressed by the respective authorities to make it a better and comfortable workplace for the women.

About Ziqitza Limited: Ziqitza has been around in the medical industry for more than 17 years and is known for motivating and caring attitude and approach towards its employees. It is known for providing emergency medical services and has treated and saved the lives of millions of patients. It is a trusted and reputed name in the medical industry. It is a leading healthcare firm with more than 800 ambulance services and aims at a healthy and balanced working environment for its employees. ZHL Rajasthan and Ziqitza Limited also share the same beliefs and provide full support to Ziqitza in their endeavors.

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