The pandemic has taught us to be connected to the world virtually and contributed significantly to the extreme transformation of the healthcare systems worldwide. In a situation where people were anxious about the changes that the Covid-19 pandemic brought with it, getting the proper health advice became an impossible task. The stress wave surrounded everyone as there was an exponential demand for health care services, but there were not sufficient preventive measures to get the luxury of healthcare as the health services were at the brink of collapse. Telemedicine came forward as a safe and secure approach to tackle unsafe pandemic situations. Telemedicine and teleconsultations then took a big leap towards the solution of providing the patients with appropriate health consultation regarding the diagnosis and treatment. This technique facilitated many clinical services which did not require personal visits to the health care centers.


Already an ongoing practice even before the spread of Covid-19, teleconsultation or telehealth services got the most limelight during the Pandemic when most of the population worldwide was left with no choice but to cut physical connections with each other. Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd provided the best telehealth services during difficult times and continues to do so by providing interactive sessions with the most trusted doctors around the globe.

Born out of necessity, teleconsultations got the limelight due to increased consumer demands to use remote consultation, amid the pandemic. Not only do patients or consumers want to use telehealth but the providers or health care workers were also determined to provide diagnosis with the use of technology to reduce the risk of getting sick. The increase in technology made this step a lot easier to access by both, the patients and the medical staff, with the use of the right technology and connections. During the lockdown, the teleconsultation services provided a bridge to fill the gap of healthcare access to the patients without much affecting the cost involved with the process.


Amid the global pandemic, teleconsultation emerged as a sustainably functional solution for avoiding and providing effective treatment to stop the spread of the viral disease. Telehealth has been a tower of strength and connected patients with the physicians to remain in continuous touch with the medical personnel while being at home and contributing to reducing the spread and ‘Breaking the Chain’. Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan joined the initiative and contributed towards the safety of frontline workers and others by quickly adopting teleconsultant services to treat patients under quarantine, while infected with the Covid-19.

The increased use of teleconsultation reduced the unnecessary visits of patients to the hospitals and eventually made it easier for the health professionals to attend to the critical patients who needed physical treatment urgently.

The sudden surge in telemedicine technology which is now operating at a large scale helped to determine the condition of patients by monitoring them closely and advising them when and if they might need a physical treatment or hospitalization. Ziqitza Rajasthan has recognized the need to improve teleconsultation services, amid the pandemic and how this service can prove to be viable for the future. During the escalating public health crisis, Ziqitza is doing its best to provide this technological service with the high-level recognition it needs and awaring the people about the need to get involved with telemedicine technology and teleconsultation services, to reduce the potential viral spread.


Telehealth technology is playing a primary role during the medical crisis. With the help of technology, teleconsultants are allowed to screen patients with acute diseases or symptoms remotely, without having them visit the hospital and risking getting patients or healthcare workers infected. With the use of teleconsultation, patients with chronic diseases can get the attention and treatment they need.


Studies show that teleconsultation or telehealth technology is in no way inferior to physical appointments with doctors. Most of the diseases do not require any physical health check from the doctors and can be tackled only with the medicines prescribed by the health professional. In such cases, telehealth technology can provide patients with the same satisfaction as they get from a physical checkup or a face-to-face visit.


Teleconsultations offer multiple possibilities to provide telecare or remote consultation and help with the administrative management of the patients. Teleconsultations also involve follow-ups with the patients, close monitoring, and meetings when required.

The teleconsultation services are not only limited to physical illness but can also aid patients with mental illness. During the wake of the pandemic, many people suffered from anxiety and stress due to the situations this deadly pandemic brought with it. With nowhere to go, the diagnosis of mental disease became more important and teleconsultation provided the suitable platform to get the treatment of these mental diseases. Get in touch with the Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan to get more information about the telehealth services or teleconsultation services and make the most out of it.

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