ambulance on road

A few months ago, the city of Malkapuram, in Andhra Pradesh witnessed panic when a crude oil storage tank at the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited refinery caught fire after it was struck by lightning. Fortunately there were no casualties, as the rain, along with timely efforts by fire-fighters were able to douse the fire. While, it was sheer luck that the damages were minimal, such incidents have highlighted the need for on-site emergency services, including medical.

Situations like these, and others often require immediate medical assistance, lack of which, including a second’s delay can have fatal consequences. For this reason, having an on-site ambulance along with trained paramedics can potentially save hundreds of lives, as a result of timely intervention. Whether it is a case of a rural project, or an urban conurbation, having an ambulance at hand, is always advisable.

In cases of construction sites especially, accident statistics fall on the higher side. Due to electrocution, injuries from tools, and machines, falling from a height, hazardous substances and even nails, there have been several cases of sever accidents on site. By employing the services of an fully equipped ambulance with a trained paramedic from a reputed provider such as Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd., not only do builders ensure the safety of their staff, but also create a caring impression as a organization.

In the construction space, townships have become a trend in recent times, with more and more builders opting for these, in order to attract buyers by way of the amenities and infrastructure provided.  One of the most important amenities a builder can provide a homeowner is that of adequate medical emergency services. By employing an on-site ambulance, it ensures that residents receive prompt first aid treatment, which goes a long way during the Golden Hour. In an emergency, the paramedics in an ambulance are well trained to administer life-saving treatment with great mobility.

From being a mode of transportation of patients to a hospital, to making a difference in the fate of the victim, the role of ambulances are crucial. There are several high-risk situations all around and as professionals, it is imperative to ensure safety at all times; be it for our staff, or our customers. And while hiring an ambulance might seem like a financial burden, the pros outweigh the cons, which make it worth the expense.