Safety Tips For Attending Cricket Matches

Safety Tips For Attending Cricket Matches

Cricket has always been a highly celebrated sport in most countries, especially India. This year, the ICC 2019 World Cup (which has already commenced), has been one of the most awaited and renowned cricket leagues across the globe, with millions of cricket buffs visiting grand stadiums in England and Wales to celebrate the sporting fervour.

However, studies have found that the risk of a mishap at such a large gathering is always higher. It has also been observed that most stampedes have been witnessed primarily during cricket matches at mammoth stadiums. Therefore, it is imperative for attendees to be aware of the following safety tips to be well–equipped while attending a cricket match:

Hydrate well– Fainting due to dehydration, which causes drainage and exhaustion is common at such a crowded event. Therefore, consume enough water before and during the match, especially when it is an all– day one to not end up dehydrated due to sun exposure.

Ensure your phone is charged – This suggestion is particularly important to follow when to attending a cricket match alone. A phone with low battery can be a huge risk, especially if an accident or mishap occurs. Always bring a fully charged phone to such stadiums, with an emergency alert, and a handy speed dial list, in case of an emergency. Also, be careful while capturing the match, to ensure that the battery doesn’t drain out midway.

Wear comfortable footwear – It is a basic, but important tip. Wearing comfortable shoes is a must for cricket lovers, owing to the possibility of a potential stampede at the stadium during a large– scale match. Things can get worse if one suffers cuts or sprains due to falling. So avoid heels or flip flops to prevent the same.

Be alert – At a crowded cricket match, the expectation of an emergency is low, and thus, the possibility is extremely high. Therefore, it is imperative to be constantly aware, and prepared to move at the stadium, irrespective of the presence of alert security personnel to handle mishaps. Also, ensure that you make security alert of any suspicious object or person around you, to prevent damage.

Observe the nearest exit – As cricket matches are held at gigantic stadiums in different parts of the world, attendees must make note of all the nearest exits of that particular venue, prior to entering. In case of an accident or mishap, attendees tend to try and exit from the same place from where they entered, in a hurry, which can cause further chaos. It is thus, recommended to figure out alternate exits, generally available via an online map.

 Try and maintain composure – As the body tends to go into flight or fight’ mode during an emergency, there can be a sudden increase in anxiety levels, blood pressure, and heart rate, which can be life–threatening. Therefore, it is important to engage in deep breathing and be calm, even if other attendees get into panic mode.

Moreover, keep emergency numbers like 108 handy, depending on your location to avail immediate medical assistance, or ambulance services from prompt and efficient responders like Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. (ZHL).

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