Be proactive not reactive – the need to be trained for Basic Life Support

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Medical emergencies are always daunting. The minutes after are often a blur and can be a frightening experience, especially for someone who isn’t prepared to handle an emergency. Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL) always emphasizes that these moments are the most crucial to save a person’s life, but very often we are either not prepared for them, or panic grips and we freeze. To prevent such instances, it’s important to be proactive when emergency strikes and the best way to help a victim is by offering Basic Life Support (BLS).

BLS is the primary medical aid administered to a patient in an emergency situation. Although BLS is administered immediately, it is not to treat a patient, but buy valuable time until emergency medical services arrive. BLS is seen as more proactive than reactive and is administered to people suffering from cardiac arrests and respiratory failures. This is used to revive a person’s heartbeat and breathing till the time medical emergency services like those provided by Ziqitza Health Care Limited can arrive.

While BLS can be extremely useful, it’s important to administer it the right way. For this reason, a lot of emphasis is placed on getting the right training by professional institutes. One such institute is the LifeSupporters Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS) in Mumbai.

Their BLS course offers medical and non medical professionals the best of their expertise in collaboration with the American Heart Association. The course teaches corporate as well as medical professionals to be able to identify life threatening situations at the earliest. The course also teaches people how to perform CPR, Differences between adult, child and infant rescue techniques, rescue breathing and other life saving skills.

For BLS to be a success, the onus is completely on us and we need to understand how to be proactive in such situations and being able to handle the situation efficiently and effectively to minimize loss of life. This becomes only possible when a person is well trained in BLS and can use this training in an medical emergency situation and become assets to a company or family in times of need.

Apart from the obvious reasons for the need to be trained in BLS, we need to understand, that in a country like India, emergency healthcare services like Ziqitza Health Care Limited and others have not yet touched every part of the country and till this happens, we as humans need to proactively work to help save lives wherever we can.

It’s estimated that there about 16 deaths an hour across India. If we can save even a few of these lives through timely and well implemented BLS, it can go a long way in the long run. So, let’s take a pledge, to be more proactive and pro-life.

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