Private Ambulance: Book your private ambulance at affordable prices

Mumbai is India’s largest working hub and populated city. In such cities access to efficient care and support got difficult. Surviving in Mumbai brings challenges like adjustable lifestyle, pollution, disease and lack of sanitation. This can make you worry about your life. But we got your back. Ziqitza provides private ambulance service in Mumbai. Where the emergencies will be stress-free.Our quick private ambulance transport will ensure the transfer to the hospital within less time. With a 3000+ network of ambulances within the city, we cover the areas like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane. Our Trained manpower works 24*7 hr and 365 days as a private ambulance. We serve nearly 2,00,000 patients with 15 years of experience.

Ziqitza private ambulance service is dedicated to serving Mumbai at any time. Within one call you can book our private ambulance service which arrives as soon as possible. In private ambulances, we provide well-trained EMTs (emergency medical technicians) to handle patient conditions during transport. Whether it be emergencies such as cardiac arrest, stroke, accidents or critically ill, injured person or transfer from hospital to home post-treatment, we provide pre-planned or non-emergency and emergency ambulance. Private ambulances are well-equipped and always upgraded. Our private ambulance transport in Mumbai also provides intercity medical transfers. There is a customisation facility according to your emergency. It includes basic ambulances for pre-planned transfer, advanced ambulances for emergencies, and neonatal, air ambulances for specialized care. We serve you at very affordable prices starting base price of 999*. We care when it matters the most.

How do we engage in Private ambulances

Our fast service will be ready to help you immediately after your call. By booking at an affordable price, private ambulance transport will arrive doorstep to handle your medical situation. According to your need, we provide emergency or pre-planned ambulances. Then we transfer the patient from home to the hospital or intercity medical transfer. We assure you to provide prompt and attended responses by our professional team. The private ambulance service in Mumbai also included medication, an oxygen cylinder, first aid and basic assessments if needed. Be carefree with Ziqitza’s private ambulance service.


Quick Response: Ziqitza private ambulance service arrives promptly during emergencies to provide medical help.

Trained Staff: we have skilled and well-trained healthcare professionals who know how to handle emergencies.

Equipped Ambulances: our private ambulances have all the necessary medical equipment to take care of patients while on the way to the hospital.

Wide Coverage: Ziqitza operates in many areas, so the services are available to a lot of people, anywhere.

Medical Assistance: Besides transportation, we also provide medical care on the spot to stabilize the patient’s condition.

Patient Comfort: Ziqitza makes sure that patients feel comfortable and cared for during the ambulance ride.

Good Communication: They have effective communication with hospitals and other healthcare providers for better coordination.

Get pre-planned care with private ambulances

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you have a private ambulance?

If you’re in need of transportation for medical appointments, hospital transfers, care home admissions, or any other purpose, our Private Ambulance Service is here to provide the comfort, care, and reliability you deserve. Experience unparalleled comfort and care with our Private Ambulance Service.

What is a private ambulance service?

A private ambulance service is an independent, for-profit, private company contracted by a city or county to transport patients for a fee.

What is the work of a private ambulance?

Their aim is to render treatment to those in need of urgent medical care with the ultimate goal of successfully treating the ailment.

What are the three types of ambulances?

  • Basic Ambulance. 
  • Mortuary Ambulance. 
  • Patient Transport Vehicle.

How can I get an ambulance in Mumbai?

You can also call 102 or 108 toll-free numbers to call for free ambulance services. Dial 102 for the mother and child transport and Dial 108 for fire, police and medical emergencies.


“Ziqitza private ambulance service was a true lifesaver for my family during our emergency. Their quick response and the caring team made all the difference.” – Umang Shah.

“When my wife went into premature labour, Ziqitza’s private ambulance service was a lifeline. The paramedics handled the situation with utmost care, ensuring her comfort and safety on the way to the hospital. Their expertise and support helped bring our healthy baby into the world.”  – Anand Sonawane.

“Ziqitza went above and beyond to help my elderly mother during a medical emergency. Their team not only provided medical assistance but also treated her with kindness and respect. The level of care they showed reaffirmed our trust in their service.”  – Ainam Shaikh.

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