Preventive Health Checkups Important For Corporate Wellness

Preventive Healthcare

Is your company serious about your health and that of other employees? If it’s a ‘NO’, then your company needs to understand the importance of improving the health of employees or keeping it maintained. Your company will then know how it can help boost a sense of belongingness among its employees, leading them to stay faithful to the organisation. And if it’s a ‘Yes’, then you can thank your boss for it. However, only enrolling itself for corporate wellness program won’t help you or your colleagues unless the company has initiated preventive health checkups. Let us put it in simple words – preventive health checkups enable early detection of diseases and lifestyle disorders saving the life of an individual and keeping his/her family away from financial and emotional stress.

Fortunately, the healthcare market has witnessed a growth in preventive health checkups in the last few years with the rise in healthcare expenditure in the corporate world due. Thanks to increased awareness at the workplace about various diseases and their prevention. According to ASSOCHAM report, preventive healthcare and wellness programs can bring change in the behaviour of the employees and improve their productivity at the workplace. The report also states that a rupee spent on preventive healthcare saves Rs. 133 in absenteeism costs and Rs. 6.62 in healthcare costs. Thus, it is an extremely profitable program for employers who are looking at saving their cost and increasing productivity.

Preventive Health Check Up

Some of the pointers worth considering the importance of preventive healthcare include:

A Journey from Illness to Wellness: 

Conducting preventive healthcare programs help the employees get the current status of their health and an idea of the potential risks. The employees will become more health-conscious and take good care of them. With the implementation of preventive programs, the employer also gets an opportunity to change the paradigm from illness and absenteeism of the employees to wellness of the entire organisation.

Triggers Other Healthy Programs: 

Preventive health checkups as a part of corporate wellness offer health assessments focussing on the impact or risks one might face in the future. This health assessment enables the consulting doctor or a paramedic to guide the employee with the measures he/she can adapt based on their current health for a better lifestyle. It might include programs focussed on the nutrient diet, exercise or yoga, improvement of mental health, etc. Also, the preventive checkups might even allow the onboard doctors along with the employers to study the health of each individual and set a target or initiate a program to improve the health profiles from good to better and then, the best.

Quick Accessibility & Less Time Consumption: 

Programs like preventive checkups consume less time, especially when conducted on-site, which in return encourages an increased number of employees to engage. Quite the opposite of programs that require their 3-4 hours and hardly manages to get even 30% of employees engaged. In addition to this, it becomes easier for the senior management team to get involved in such programs due to their quick accessibility on-site and motivates the junior employees to participate too.

Positive Work Environment:

Such health programs boost the morale of the employees in the workplace. It helps the employees to believe that the organisation cares about their wellness, which further results in increased productivity. When the organisation values the health of the employees, it earns the loyalty of the employees and builds a positive work environment around.

In all, preventive health checkups not only reduce stress levels in employees but also the financial burden. For employers, it helps in absenteeism reduction, saving time and money looking for an employee replacement, and increasing the overall productivity of the organisation. So, you must always look for a corporate wellness program that includes regular preventive health checkups. For instance, corporate wellness programs by Ziqitza Healthcare for ensuring preventive health checkups as an important aspect of an organisation’s healthcare initiatives.

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