All You Need To Know About Heart Care

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Heart attacks are one of the most widespread causes of death globally. Research conducted by Cardiosmart suggests that 25% of deaths in the U.S.A are caused by heart attacks. In India, more than 30 million heart patients undergo about 2 lakh surgeries as recorded by NDTV’s Smart Cooky. The transition in lifestyle of humans, characterized by lack of exercise and excess of junk food are the leading causes for an increase in the rate of heart emergencies in the country. Despite morbid statistics regarding heart patients, the good news is the preventable nature of heart attacks.

Below are a few preventive measures that could help lessen the risk of heart attacks:

  • Exercise daily: Exercising on a daily basis not only keeps your body fit, but also helps avoid heart risks, asthma and cancers, substantially.
  • Keep check of blood cholesterol and blood pressure on a regular basis: Regardless of age, annual medical check-up for every individual is a necessity. Knowing inner health is crucial for early diagnosis, which in turn can curb fatalities of the heart.
  • Eat Healthy: Junk food is one of the major causes of obesity and heart attacks. Keep track of the calories consumed and burned by trying to adapt to the needs of your body. The chances of a heart attack can decrease consequentially by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Avoid active/passive smoking: Avoid smoking since it is not only bad for the heart, but also worse for the throat and respiratory system.
  • Avoid stress: Stress has become an integral part of life as a majority of people juggle work, family and personal commitments which could result in dire negligence towards one’s psychological and physical health. Stress affects a person’s productivity by hampering his/her health beyond damage.

Although, the tips mentioned above may seem do-able, practicing them becomes a challenge on a long-term basis. However, supporting your loved one towards a better lifestyle and vice-versa could aid a whole family or community towards sustaining the resolution of cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

Lack of awareness about heart attacks and its symptoms are another cause for the skyrocketing death toll among heart patients. The upsurge in indifference or oversight with regard to the symptoms of heart attacks can be mitigated by being informed about them.

Here are common symptoms experienced during a heart attack:

  • Sharp pain or pressure in the chest area
  • Uneasiness in breathing or shortness of breath
  • Profuse cold sweat, a feeling of nausea or light-headedness
  • Immense pain in the back, neck, jaw or stomach

According to the American Heart Organisation, symptoms for heart attack in women comprise unbearable pain in the chest, while most often symptoms for men include shortness in breath, nausea and jaw or back pain.

Awareness can lead to prevention and quick action. Nonetheless, emergencies often arise without any warning. As a result, being prepared for the worst is of paramount importance. In this case, information about emergency services is vital. It is indispensable for every individual to know the national ambulance number 108, initiated by the Indian Government under the National Health Mission (NHM). 108 ambulances provide Advanced Life Support equipment including ECG and oxygen cylinders to stabilize the patient’s condition before the doctor can begin treatment procedures. The tele-operator of Ziqitza Health Care Limited also connects the doctor in case of any medical complications that may require a specialist’s opinion. In addition, the paramedics on board are fully trained as well as equipped to introduce emergency medical care in the patient’s body.

On World Heart Day, ZHL encourages each individual to stay aware not only about the preventive measures and symptoms of heart attacks, but also to be well-informed about the emergency medical services established by the Government.

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