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In Mumbai’s hustling days, our ambulance service stands very aware to help anywhere in Mumbai. With 15 years of experience, we successfully made a wide ambulance network which enables us to provide ambulance service even in corners of Mumbai. We have:

Ambulance service in Thane West
Ambulance service in Thane
Ambulance service in Mira road

Our prompt response to an emergency will make you burden-free. Ziqitza Ambulance service in Thane achieved pride by serving more than 2 lakh lives. We aim to serve your emergencies with just one call, assuring that the patient is stable and reaches safely to the hospital. We are able to cater to the emergency needs of Mumbai citizens with the largest network of ambulances with trained manpower in Mumbai.

In every location of Mumbai, we covered vast areas to provide service very smoothly. We specialized in efficient care. Our team is available for 24 hours to attend to your calls and assist with service. Call anytime and now from anywhere. We serve your emergencies promptly. In emergencies such as accidents, strokes, heart attacks, and critical conditions we arrive within very less time. We have customisable options like basic, advanced, neo-natal, and air ambulances. Our team is always prompt to attend to your calls and assist with the Ambulance service in Thane.

How do we engage in ambulance service

Our ambulance service works by swiftly responding to emergency calls. When you dial the helpline, a trained operator collects crucial information about the situation and dispatches the closest ambulance equipped to handle the specific medical needs. The ambulance team, comprising skilled healthcare professionals, promptly arrives at the location and provides necessary medical assistance. They stabilize the patient’s condition, administer initial treatment if required, and ensure their comfort during transportation to the hospital. Our emphasis on quick response, competent staff, and well-equipped ambulance service in Mumbai enables us to deliver efficient and reliable emergency medical services.


Quick Response: our Ambulance service in Mumbai arrives quickly during emergencies to provide medical help.

Available Everywhere: we cover many areas in Mumbai, so our services are accessible to a lot of people, we also started an ambulance service in Navi Mumbai too.

Trained Medical Staff: Our ambulance teams have skilled healthcare professionals who know how to handle different emergencies and provide the right care.

Advanced Equipment: Ziqitza Ambulance Service in Mumbai has modern medical equipment to give the necessary treatment while on the way to the hospital.

Care and Comfort: Prioritize making patients feel safe and comfortable during the ambulance journey, providing support and reassurance.

Coordination with Hospitals: Ziqitza communicates effectively with hospitals in Mumbai, ensuring a smooth transition for patients when they arrive at the medical facility.

Book Ambulance with just a call

Stressfree emergencies: Ziqitza Ambulance services

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can an ambulance reach my location in Thane West?

The response time of an ambulance depends on various factors, such as traffic conditions, distance, and the availability of ambulances in the area. However, emergency services aim to reach the location as quickly as possible to provide immediate medical assistance.

Do ambulance services in Thane West operate 24/7?

Yes, most ambulance services in Thane West operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are available round the clock to respond to emergencies and transport patients to medical facilities.

Can I request a specific hospital while calling for an ambulance?

In most cases, you can request a specific hospital while calling for an ambulance. However, the final decision on which hospital to transport the patient to will depend on the ambulance crew’s assessment of the patient’s condition and the hospital’s availability or specialization.

How much does an ambulance service cost in Mumbai?

The cost of ambulance services in Mumbai can vary depending on factors such as the type of ambulance required (basic life support, advanced life support, etc.), distance travelled, and any additional services provided. It is advisable to check with the ambulance service provider or your health insurance company for details on costs and coverage.

Do ambulance services in Mumbai transport patients to hospitals outside the city?

Ambulance services in Mumbai can transport patients to hospitals both within the city and outside, depending on the patient’s condition, the availability of specialized care, and the distance involved. However, the final decision will be made by the ambulance crew based on medical considerations and the patient’s needs.


“I had a medical emergency in Thane West, and I contacted Ziqitza ambulance service for help. Their response was incredibly prompt, and the paramedics who arrived were highly professional and efficient. I was impressed by their dedication and compassionate approach throughout the entire experience. I highly recommend Ziqitza ambulance service for their reliable and top-notch service in Thane West.”

“Fast and reliable service during my medical emergency in Mira Road.”

“Ziqitza ambulance service exceeded my expectations. From the moment they arrived, the paramedics demonstrated exceptional competence and showed genuine concern for my condition. Their quick response and efficient care made a significant difference in my medical outcome.”

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