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Mumbai is a city that considers the city of dreams. We don’t want medical outbreaks to let your dreams break. We serve the Best Ambulance service in Mumbai with sensible care. Our ambulance service in Mumbai provides immediate action to sudden unforeseen crises because we understand the value of time in such conditions. That’s why our skilled and trained manpower is ready to assist you 24*7,365 days.

Ziqitza Ambulance Service in Mumbai provides efficient emergency transfer. With our wide network of ambulances, we have an Ambulance service in Navi Mumbai too. We provide well-trained EMTs (emergency medical technicians) to handle patient conditions during transport. In emergencies such as accidents, strokes, heart attacks, and critical conditions we arrive within very less time. We have customisable options like basic, advanced, neo-natal, and air ambulances. Our team is always prompt to attend to your calls and assist with the Ambulance service in Mumbai.

We experienced critical and worse scenarios in 15 years and we were able to save and serve nearly 2,00,000 lives. We delivered our service in Mumbai 2005 floods, the 2007 Train blasts, and the 2008 terror attack in Mumbai. We discovered the fastest service to reach the location to provide necessary first-aid and hospital transfer with safety and care. Our dedicated team worked without thinking twice and successfully contributed to saving many lives.

How do we engage in ambulance service

Our best ambulance service in Mumbai works by swiftly responding to emergency calls. When you dial the helpline, a trained operator collects crucial information about the situation and dispatches the closest ambulance equipped to handle the specific medical needs. The ambulance team, comprising skilled healthcare professionals, promptly arrives at the location and provides necessary medical assistance. They stabilize the patient’s condition, administer initial treatment if required, and ensure their comfort during transportation to the hospital. Our emphasis on quick response, competent staff, and well-equipped ambulance service in Mumbai enables us to deliver efficient and reliable emergency medical services.


Quick Response: Our Ambulance service in Mumbai arrives quickly during emergencies to provide medical help.

Available Everywhere: we cover many areas in Mumbai, so our services are accessible to a lot of people, we also started an ambulance service in Navi Mumbai too.

Trained Medical Staff: Our ambulance teams have skilled healthcare professionals who know how to handle different emergencies and provide the right care.

Advanced Equipment: Ziqitza Ambulance Service in Mumbai has modern medical equipment to give the necessary treatment while on the way to the hospital.

Care and Comfort: Prioritize making patients feel safe and comfortable during the ambulance journey, providing support and reassurance.

Coordination with Hospitals: Ziqitza communicates effectively with hospitals in Mumbai, ensuring a smooth transition for patients when they arrive at the medical facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many ambulances are there in Mumbai?

Approximately 2,000 ambulances operate in and around Mumbai.

How can I get an ambulance faster?

Calling an ambulance – 5 tips that will make it easier for us to help you FAST.

  • Speak clearly and at a normal speed. Please don’t rattle things off super-fast.
  • Please don’t shout.
  • Know the location of the emergency before you call.
  • If the casualty is outside, look for a nearby door number or shop.

What is the wait time for an ambulance?

The average response time for people requiring an ambulance for a stroke, severe burns or chest pain was 93 minutes, five times the operation target of 18 minutes.

How long will an ambulance take?

It should take 8 minutes for the ambulance to arrive if the call is life-threatening or an emergency. Ambulance services often send more than one vehicle to try to meet the 8-minute target.

What types of ambulances are available in Navi Mumbai?

In Navi Mumbai, you can find different types of ambulances, including basic life support (BLS) ambulances and advanced life support (ALS) ambulances. BLS ambulances provide essential medical care, while ALS ambulances have additional advanced medical equipment and trained staff for critical situations.


“When my father suffered a severe heart attack, the Ziqitza Ambulance service in Mumbai arrived within minutes of our call. The paramedics were skilled, compassionate, and efficient in providing critical care. Thanks to them, my father received timely treatment and is now on the road to recovery.” – Priya R.

“During a car accident, the Ziqitza Ambulance service in Mumbai exhibited exceptional professionalism. The paramedics were calm, reassuring, and proficient in handling the situation. Their prompt response and expertise gave me confidence during a distressing time.” – Sameer K.

“The Ziqitza Ambulance service in Mumbai played a crucial role in my mother’s medical emergency. Their team was compassionate, supportive, and efficient in providing the necessary medical care. I have full trust in their services and would recommend them to anyone in need.” – Sangeeta P.

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