The Monsoon Mantra for Highway Safety

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As soon as monsoons hit the country, there are hundreds of enthusiastic travelers that rush to the wilderness to experience an adventurous getaway. A few camp in the middle of the forest, while others go trekking onto moss covered hills. In such situations, accidents can occur without any warning. From the most disturbing thriller movies and stories, we have come across the horrendous circumstances in which travelers can be stranded. More often than not, emergency health-kits or first aid boxes are not one of the first things you might pack ahead of an adventure. However, unquestionably it’s one of the most important things for one’s safety. The wild may not always turn out to be what you expected; as beautiful as it usually is, it can throw the most nightmarish situations onto your plate.

From natural disasters to being mugged while travelling, one wrong turn can land you in an unpredictable set of circumstances, from where there is no return. During your journey, something that is seemingly insignificant as a cold, could amplify to a deadly illness due to lack of proper medical care. Road accidents are one of the most common occurrences today. As per records, 382 people die in road accidents every day. That makes it 139,430 deaths each year. Many of them even go unnoticed and unaccounted for.

Highways connecting the country have been known for a lot of notorious activities all over. Numerous accidents on the highway are hardly reported and most people think that crimes on highways are easy to escape from. Fatalities such as hit-and-run and other more massive ones occur on a regular basis on highways that are miles apart from any hint of civilization. For example: Landslides, which is a natural disaster that has proven to be a massacre, especially in the Western and South-Western areas of India. What does one do in such situations? 1033 National Highway Emergency Service is your superhero if you are faced with an unfortunate incident on the Indian highways. Due to services like 1033 National Highway Emergency Services, the skyrocketing count of highway crimes is found to be increasingly under control recently.

1033 National Highway Emergency number is a service that is formed by the government in partnership with non-governmental institutions such as Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. It is a helpline number which can be used to report any obstruction on the highway. This helpline is set up with a view to minimize the number of unnatural deaths due to negligence on the roads. Accident cases or the need for emergency services while travelling on highways can be reported here. This emergency number will take care of any inconveniences such as a tree fall, dharnas, flat tyres or bad road conditions that may arise en route your destination. 1033 National Highway Emergency Services is a toll-free number that provides quick solutions to emergency situations, and with the help of the services provided by Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd., sends an equipped service vehicle to your rescue when medical care is required. Since its inception, 1033 National Highway Emergency Services has served thousands of people and saved hundreds of lives. This four digit number will do everything to ensure your security while on the road.

The next time you see any road accidents on highways or find yourself in a helpless situation, make sure to keep these four digits: 1-0-3-3 in mind. Give a call to report any emergency situations and let 1033 take care of the rest. Spread the number and help save more lives while you’re on the go.

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