How to keep the Holiday weight gain down this year?

Holiday weight gain down

Holiday weight gain may appear unavoidable, considering that we frequently put our good practices on hold until January. But developing a plan to avoid it could swing the balance in your favour over the course of your life, not just in the coming year. Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, one of India’s leading healthcare service providers, points out that studies show that we often gain 1 to 2 pounds during the holiday season and do not lose them. Ever. That means we start each year a few pounds heavier, which over several years can mount up.

But all is not lost, gaining weight is absolutely in our control. We can choose to follow healthy practices and curb weight gain during the holidays. Ziqitza lists down a few tips that might help avoid weight gain during the holiday season.

Keep doing exercise: Exercise is one of the first things to slip when holiday activities pick up and we’re getting ready for some time away from the office, according to Ziqitza Healthcare. Put in what you can, even if you don’t have time for a one-hour bike class or your usual yoga session. Exercise offers many psychological and physical advantages, and data indicates that it can offset some of the metabolic impacts of overeating, even if it cannot completely offset the excess calories you are taking in. When it comes to exercising, avoid having an all-or-nothing attitude and instead do what you can when you can, even if that only entails a brief routine in your living room. A friend could be extremely beneficial.

According to Ziqitza Rajasthan, there is scientific proof that doing so results in increased exercise, especially if the workout companion offers encouragement and support. So go for a simple walk with a friend or schedule a weekly class date. Have a virtual check-in if you can’t meet up in person to motivate one another to keep going.

Snack Wisely: You probably don’t enjoy all holiday foods equally, so think about which ones are worthwhile to you and which ones you could do without (or at least, live with just a little bit). To put it another way, it’s acceptable to have one or two food thrills while enjoying the mashed potatoes, stuffing, pies, fruitcake, eggnog, gingerbread cookies, and other holiday goodies, but choose which ones are deserving of a place on your plate and do it with awareness. If you enjoy stuffing, try a spoonful; but, if apple pie isn’t your thing, you might want to skip it or only eat a small amount.

Drink Wisely: When drinking alcohol, your inhibitions can be weakened, so even if you may have planned to pass on the baked brie, a few drinks may convince you otherwise. Additionally, according toZiqitza Limited, alcohol can make it difficult to sleep, which can affect your hunger and food preferences. It can also leave you with a reminder the next day (hello, hangover), which may also influence your food preferences. Have you ever been sober and desired lush greens? Stick to the suggested daily limits of one drink for women and two for men and try to stay away from sugary mixers, which, among other things, can increase alcohol’s effects.

Take note of your hunger cues: According to ZHL Rajasthan, it’s equally vital to pay attention to when you’re feeling satisfied as it is to avoid showing up to a holiday event starving. Midway through your meal, it’s a good idea to check in with yourself and record how you’re feeling. If you feel full, then it is not required to finish everything on your plate simply because it is there. Respect your body by not pushing it past fullness once you’ve reached a point of satisfaction.

Go back to healthy habits: You have two options after each party: keep eating holiday stuff or go back to your regular routine. A single holiday meal is nothing to worry about, but having two, three, four, or five can result in weight gain. During the holidays, there will inevitably be some large dinners and decadent treats, but there is no reason why there can’t also be nutritious and lighter meals in between.

Weigh yourself: Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan states that weight monitoring can be a very efficient strategy to prevent weight gain because it can be difficult to notice when you’ve put on a pound or two, but your scale can pick up these minor gains.

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