How Journaling Can Help You Mentally Cope with Depression & Anxiety?

Mentally Cope with Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are the things that many people are facing nowadays. Many people are taking their lives by committing suicide because of these mental pressures.

What are depression and anxiety?

Both depression and anxiety occur because of mental pressures. To explain more, we can tell that while depression is more connected with sadness, anxiety has excessive worry and fear.

What can be the causes?

According to Ziqitza Healthcare, 1 in every 5 people will face depression and/or anxiety at least once in a lifetime. Even though there are many causes for this, let’s discuss the common causes.

1.   Stress: Highly demanding jobs, unbalanced work-life balance, mental pressures are causing stress to most people because of which they are facing either depression or anxiety.

2.   Genetical: It’s rare to happen but yes, depression and anxiety can be genetic.

3.   Trauma: If you faced any traumas in your life, there are high chances for you to get anxiety or depression.

4.   Unhealthy eating habits: It can be strange and shocker to hear but your eating habits affects your mental health.

5.   Alcohol consumption: alcohol consumption is always injurious to health whether it’s physical health or mental health.

What to do to fight depression and anxiety?

If you have strong willpower, you can fight these mental monsters easily. “It’s not difficult to treat your depression when you become strong” doctors at Ziqitza Healthcare ltd told. Let’s see what Ziqitza talks about how to deal with depression.

1.   Positive attitude: One must have a positive attitude especially when they are in depression. Try to tune your mind such that it listens to you.

2.   Talk: Just talk…share what you feel with your friends or family.

3.   Pen down: It’s the easiest way to fight depression. All you need to do is pen down your thoughts. In other words, you can write journals.

What are journals?

It’s just a book or paper on which you can write what you have done the whole day and how you feel about it. There are no particular rules for writing your journals. All you need to do is pen down whatever comes into your mind.

How does journaling can help?

1. Management:  Journaling can help you in the management of anxiety, depression.

2. Stress reduction: If you can reduce stress, you will have fewer chances of getting depression or anxiety. Journaling can help you in reducing that stress.

3. Dealing with depression: Ziqitza Rajasthan tells thatJournaling is the best way to deal with depression. 

“Everyone should have awareness about depression and anxiety. When you feel low or empty, take out one paper and pen down your thoughts.” A Doctor at Ziqitza Limited shared their opinion. Let’s look at what more about dealing with depression.

  • Write a journal whenever you feel like writing but, make sure to give some time in a day for journaling.
  • Journaling is one of the ways to have a healthy lifestyle. You should include more changes in your lifestyle.
  • Eat healthy and balanced food. For an easy and balanced food diet, you can contact doctors at ZHL Rajasthan.
  • Reduce the intake of alcohol. “it’s better if you can avoid alcohol completely but if you have the necessary then reduce the intake to only one ounce.” Doctor at Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan suggested.
  • Exercise regularly for at least 30 mins.
  • Find out what gives you more stress and decrease that stress.
  • Keep your mind cool and relax by meditating regularly for at least 6 days a week.
  • Have enough sleep. Minimum 8 hours of sleep is a must for a person to reduce stress to the brain. This sleep should be at the correct timings. 

Along with these, talking your heart out is a must. Whether you put your thoughts on journals or talk your heart out with a person, both have an equally positive effect on your brain. It decreases stress. Ziqitza is a company that provides a way to talk your heart out. Ziqitza healthcare provides 24/7 medical services. it provided 104 medical services through a call centre, in the states of Odisha and Madhya Pradesh. 

This call centre has medical staff that provided medical assistance for psychological illness, mental distresses, and ailments, along with guidance, and directory information, etcetera. When you want to talk out you can call Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd at 104.

How to write a journal?

Try these tips by Ziqitza Rajasthan in writing journals.

  • Maintain regularity:  while you write the journal, try to write it every day.
  • Spare some time in a day:  try to spare some time in a day for journaling. Mostly make that time before going to bed. 
  • Pen down your heart and mind: just write everything that came into your heart and mind. They can be either words or sketches. Just pen it down.
  • Read what you wrote: Doctors at Ziqitza limited tell that it’s necessary to read what you wrote the previous day. “For suppose, if you wrote the journal before going to bed the previous day, read it today in the morning so that you can have a track on your mood.” A doctor explained at ZHL Rajasthan.
  • Keep your language simple: write in a simple language such that it can be easy to concentrate on your feelings instead of grammar.

By writing journals, you can easily concentrate on your mental health. Sit in a peaceful and silent environment and write whatever comes into your heart and mind. Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan tells that along with writing journals, one should concentrate on their lifestyle and food habits to have mental health.

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