How first aid training can help employees

first aid kit on table

Every year, 3,00,000 employees die in unintended workplace accidents throughout the world. The fact that 14 incidents published in the news in 2021 have already taken the lives of around 42 workers, with nearly 100 injured, demonstrates India’s escalating safety problems. In center nations, such as India, occupational risks are estimated to account for roughly 2.3 percent of lost Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY). When you consider how many lives are lost each year, it makes you question what can be done to save not just our important employees, but their lives as well.

Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL) knows that this is where first aid comes in as a life saver. Being trained in first aid may help you give the proper treatment to the patient at the right time, and it’s a valuable skill to have at work.

Employee training can be the difference between life and death, but it also shows that company profits come second to employee happiness. Here’s how employees can use first aid to save lives.

It helps in the saving of lives.

Knowing how to administer first aid can provide your employees the confidence to act quickly in the event of an injury or illness. When administered quickly, CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) has been proven to save many lives, thus it’s a valuable skill to teach your employees.

First-aid kits will be properly utilized.

Employees should also be aware of what is contained in the first aid kit and how to utilize it efficiently. It also helps if your staff know how to keep their first-aid kits in their homes and cars in good working order.

Reduce the amount of workplace accidents.

Because your employees are thoroughly taught in the essentials of first aid, they are also aware of the possibility for disasters in the workplace. Training your employees in first aid also makes them more aware of their surroundings, which can help to limit the occurrence of workplace accidents.

It will keep your employees safe outside of work also

Once your employees are trained in first aid, they are trained for life. Their training can save lives even outside the office. Trained personnel can treat their families, friends and even the general public effectively in times of an emergency.  This becomes easier if you conduct refresher courses from time to time.

Boosts team morale

When you make first aid training available to your employees, you are telling them that you care. When employees see this, they are comforted knowing that they have a safe work environment. First aid training at work even works as an excellent team-building exercise and in turn, boosts the morale of the team.

Employees are more confident.

When your employees are well-versed in first aid, they are more prepared to handle medical emergencies both inside and outside the office. They understand what has to be done right away and can administer first aid while also calming the crowd.

Accidents in the workplace can be avoided by establishing a solid first aid response and putting safety measures in place. Employers may create a safer work environment for everyone by ensuring that staff receive the most essential first aid training and are equipped with the appropriate first aid equipment and supplies. Ziqitza Health Care Limited provides a variety of first-aid and CPR courses, as well as BLS indigenous programs for the workplace and other safety. First aid not only aids recovery, but it also aids in the saving of lives. 


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