Emergencies in Need of Ambulances and Medical Attention


Medical emergencies can occur anytime and anywhere in the world. Home and workplaces are amongst the most common places to witness healthcare and medical emergencies. However, there are different types of ways to handle them to save lives at the earliest. Similarly, certain situations in the home or workplace require urgent medical attention. These emergencies may depend on the person’s medical condition, nature of work, safety measures at the workplace and quality of environment at home.

Irrespective of all these factors, a few emergencies can’t be handled without calling an ambulance or having an onsite ambulance with a medical team. It is most common in metro cities across the globe, particularly in Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Noida, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, etc. For instance, ambulance in Mumbai is a necessity considering the large population of the city and an enormous number of companies operating in the city. Every residential locality or organization with large scale operations must have a quick access to an ambulance during medical emergencies.

To better understand why an ambulance is required near a residential locality or at the workplace, we need to know the medical emergencies that might, unfortunately, occur at home or workplace. Here’s a list of some of the medical emergencies likely to occur:

  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Brain Stroke
  • Choking or Collapsing
  • Falling from a Height
  • Continuous Bleeding or Severe Cut
  • Burns or Electric Shocks
  • Allergic Reactions

The above list may include various other emergencies depending on the seriousness of the situation and reasons/factors responsible for it. However, we aren’t here to discuss that but to inform or educate on what possibly can be done to handle such emergencies while the ambulance reaches the spot. In a lay man’s words, we have to buy time for the victim and support him to survive the golden hour until further help arrives. Let’s look at the immediate measures one can take to handle medical emergencies at home or workplace:

First Aid/CPR: First Aid can do wonders during emergencies. So, it is important to have a first aid box at home and workplace. The family members must be aware of the patient’s medical history and current medication status. At the workplace, the employees need to attend the first aid and CPR training. In cases of collapse, electric shock and choking, the first aid and CPR can be helpful to handle the situation until the ambulance arrives at the spot. Family members can connect with emergency helpline number for guidance to perform CPR, if they are not trained to perform it. While performing first aid or CPR, one must first evaluate the condition of the victim by checking for bleeding, switching off the power supply and breathing issues. It helps the aider to provide help to the victim accordingly.

Keep Medical Emergency Numbers Handy: Like the medicine and first aid box, every family must keep medical emergency numbers list along with the doctor’s contact details. The human resource team of an organization should keep the emergency numbers handy to access the urgent help of the ambulance and medical team. The organization can appoint a private ambulance service to avoid any delay in handling medical urgency. It becomes much easier and faster to coordinate with the ambulance team.

Onsite Medical Team: Access to the onsite medical team of doctors and paramedic is one of the suitable approaches to handle emergencies at the workplace. The onsite medical team is essential, particularly in cases of companies with high-risk work like construction, oil and gas factory, biochemical unit, mining and other manufacturing sites. The doctors and paramedics present onsite can offer first aid in no time and even initiate the required treatment in an advanced ambulance, if available at the site until the victim reaches the nearest hospital or healthcare centre. Although this is rarely possible for a family or a locality, one can simply call on 104 health helpline for help or connect to their family doctors during emergencies.

Onsite Ambulance: It is the most recommended measure that every large or medium scale organization must take. The small scale organizations too should prefer having an onsite ambulance if they can afford it or have quick access to 108 emergency ambulance service. An onsite ambulance is an excellent measure to handle medical emergencies at the workplace. The paramedics and ambulance technicians can offer instant help and quick transfer of the patient to the hospital. In such cases, families can call on 108 emergency telephone number to call an ambulance or connect to healthcare organization offering ambulance services.

In all, ambulances are now a necessity for medical emergencies. Calling an ambulance on time can save lives, while having an onsite ambulance enables the employees to develop a sense of safety and security. Access to ambulance allows the patients to get immediate medical attention. In case of companies, the employees can focus on work instead of worrying about the emergencies likely to occur at the workplace. Thus, the companies should ideally outsource or appoint an emergency healthcare provider for onsite ambulance services. The people with chronic disorders or severe medical history must have emergency ambulance or healthcare contact number in their quick dials.

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