Driving Safely Through Fog

Driving Safely Through Fog

While travelling through a deep fog may seem beautiful and like something out of a movie, one must actually proceed with great caution. Ziqitza Healthcare, one of India’s leading emergency healthcare service providers, driving is not at all safe when there is poor vision and you have to rely entirely on your instincts to move forward. So let’s reveal some driving advice that will assure the highest level of safety on hazy roads.

  • Maintain your lane: Stick to the fundamentals; this is only the first driving lesson. Fog’s main effect is decreased visibility. Therefore, you must always drive within your lane. According to Ziqitza, staying in your lane lowers your risk of veering off the road or colliding with another car. In this circumstance, lane markers are useful. Watch the lane markings and the approaching traffic. Try to drive on the left side of the road when there is only one lane to reduce crashes.
  • As you wait, park your automobile: If in doubt, avoid the area. According to Ziqitza Healthcare ltd, it is preferable to park your car carefully and slowly off the road in low visibility situations and wait for conditions to improve before moving on. Remember to secure a location for it and turn on the parking and danger lights.
  • Avoid Speeding: Speeding is never a good idea, but it is more dangerous when vision is poor. Even though it may make you feel more pumped up than usual, everyone is nonetheless in danger. Since there doesn’t seem to be another car directly in front of you, you might decide that going a little faster is acceptable. But given how unpredictable fog may be, you’re only asking for problems! It may be difficult for you to respond quickly and assess your surroundings if your car is moving at a fast speed. Therefore, Ziqitza Rajasthan advises that you maintain a moderate speed so that you can react quickly, assess the traffic, and stop the automobile as necessary.
  • Keep the low beam on the headlights: When travelling through dense fog, it is typical for vehicles to use their high beams. However, the high beam bounces off of objects and reduces the driver’s visibility. We advise you to turn on your low beam headlights when there is less than 100 meters of road visibility. If your automobile has fog lamps, switch those on as well.
  • To warn others, use indicators: Considering other vehicles on the road is a sign of a responsible driver. During foggy circumstances, it’s important to warn approaching and trailing vehicles, therefore utilise your parking or indication lights. Ziqitza Limited advises turning on the indication at least 10 seconds in advance of making any turns. In this manner, the vehicles following you have enough time to safely stop or turn.
  • Keep the windows and windscreens spotless: Your life can be saved by cleanliness. Really! Keep your windscreens, both front and back, clean. Ensure that your windows are also clean. You’ll be able to see your surroundings clearly when driving thanks to this. The defroster (defogger) knob on your car could also be used to clean the windscreen.
  • The driver’s seat should be adjusted: ZHL Rajasthan suggests adjusting the driver’s seat to increase visibility on the road. The ability to modify the driver’s seat height is a major benefit for vehicles that want to enhance the road perspective. If your car doesn’t have a height adjustment feature, think about maintaining the seat back as straight as you can. You can see the road clearly beyond the car hood in this fashion.
  • Maintain excellent tyre and brake condition: Improve your car’s reflexes. It may be necessary to suddenly hit the brakes while driving in fog. To shorten the braking distance of the car, Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan advises keeping the brakes and tyres in top shape.
  • Avoid overtaking: When driving on a foggy road, do not overtake. This may cause the driver of the other vehicle to become distracted and cause a collision. According to Ziqitza Health Care Limited, let patience guide you safely to your destination!

Don’t let fog obscure your eyesight the next time you drive in foggy conditions! Keep these driving advices in mind. Additionally, if you reside in a cold climate, make sure your car has the appropriate wheels.

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