Doctor On Call: Boosting India’s Health Infrastructure

Doctor On Call


In today’s busy world of digitalization, the lifestyle of people is also getting busy and complicated. Now a days, the jobs are such that nobody gets the time for themselves, not even for visiting the doctor until the situation is very serious. Earlier there was no such option but now Ziqitza HealthCare Limited comes up with a facility of doctors on call for you. The doctor-on-call service is a great step in improving the health infrastructure of India.

Doctor On Call

Doctor on call is a service by Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd. It means that a patient can get the consultancy by a doctor via a telephonic call. It can be an audio call or a video that depends on the choice and need of the patient. It saves a lot of time in this busy lifestyle. The patient gets advice as well as treatment from the doctors.

Need for Doctor-On-Call Service

The doctor-on-call service by Ziqitza Limited is a great service, especially for old people, busy working people or people with some persistent illnesses who are not able to visit a hospital or prefer to be consulted on call. A few of the services that can be advised by a doctor on call are:

Regular Check-Up

A general checkup is one of those things that people usually skip because of lack of time. But with Ziqitza, you don’t need to skip your regular check-up which is very essential.

Diabetic patients and people with fluctuating blood pressure are advised for a regular checkup but they usually don’t do that. It could be different if the doctor-on-call service is available to them. They just need 5 to 10 min in a month to have words with their doctor and get their medication altered if required.

Dietician Consultancy

Everybody in this health-conscious world is concerned about what to eat and what not to eat. This is best advised by a dietician. There is no such physical examination is required for diet consultancy. An audio or a video call appointment with a dietician can easily help people get fit in the convenience of their home. Ziqitza Limited provides you, with a dietician, just a call away from you.

Psychiatric Consultancy

Psychiatric consultancy and advice with the patients can be easily taken over a video call.

The doctors can arrange a counselling session with their patients over a video. This will be more comfortable for the patient as they are taking a session from their house. They can also make them engage in mind games online.

Benefits of Doctor-On-Call Service

  • Ziqitza HealthCare has a doctor on call that brings you quality medical consultancy in the comfort zone of your house.
  • There is neither any travelling time nor any waiting time as this is an instant service. This helps in saving a lot of time.
  • The doctor consultation charges are also effective as compared to that of a hospital visit. It also eliminates the travelling cost of the patient.
  • This service is available 24×7 with professional doctors.
  • The doctor-on-call service is available irrespective of weather conditions. Whether it’s raining or extremely hot outside, still you can get the consultation in the comfort of your house. Even a pandemic situation like covid cannot affect it.
  • It’s a great option for the working people. They don’t need to take a leave from their offices to visit a doctor. This is the biggest reason for people not visiting doctors.

About Ziqitza HealthCare Limited

Ziqitza Limited was founded in 2005 by a team of professionals. They developed it with a specific concern about the lack of emergency medical services in India. They started their journey by providing an instant medical response to people in need. They tried their best in providing international standards in all their services. The services of Ziqitza include Ambulance service, medical room facility, doctor-on-call service, emergency medical help etc. They have services in different states of India. The Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan is one of those branches that is providing people with the best of every service. Ziqitza Rajasthan is working as per the weather conditions in the state.

Ziqitza Limited is also recognized by The World Economic Forum for doing some recommendable work in the COVID 19 pandemic.

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