Delivering Quality Mother and Child Emergency Medical Care Pan India

Delivering Quality Mother And Child Emergency Medical Care Pan India

“Saving a life is one of the most rewarding experiences that a person can undergo in his or her lifetime.” These words of wisdom are part of the glorious legacy that Mahatma Gandhi left behind. While he is not with us anymore, the words he left us with, continue to guide us. In keeping with this, Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd. (ZHL) operates with a belief that each human life is invaluable and every life matters. During the crucial Golden Hour, every second counts in saving a life, and even more so when it involves rescuing and saving not just one, but two lives in one instance. In a recent case, when a pregnant woman underwent labor pain and had to be transferred to the hospital immediately, ZHL’s team of paramedics showcased exceptional diligence in delivering the newborn on-board the ambulance. Neha Rani from Dhandi, Ferozepur, Punjab, went into labor and called 108 for ambulance that administered first aid while transporting her to the nearest hospital. However, en route she experienced severe labor pain and her condition deteriorated rapidly. As soon as the ambulance staff realized the gravity of the situation, they delivered her baby without a moment’s delay. With proper training and state-of-the-art equipment, the crew calmed Neha and delivered the baby inside the ambulance. Soon after birth, the newborn needs to be kept warm and get an adequate amount of oxygen. As the umbilical cord is the baby’s lifeline, it will continue to supply oxygen for a period of five to ten minutes after birth, to the child. Since they were at a considerable distance from the hospital, the paramedics placed the baby on the mother’s chest with its head lower than its feet to allow gravity to assist the baby in clearing the airway. This allowed the newborn to breathe and stay alive, despite the absence of the vital medical equipment in every Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in a hospital. Once they were both stabilized, the newborn along with the mother was shifted to the nearest civil hospital for monitoring and further treatment. Neha remained grateful that she could avail of the ambulatory services in such a short frame of time. Additionally, her family members and the hospital staff commended the ambulance services and the paramedics for handling the case with the desired sensitivity to ensure the safety of both the mother and child. Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd. endeavors to respond to every person in urgent need of medical aid despite their location. What started as a routine response to a medical emergency, turned into a heart-warming moment for the ambulance crew members and a new mother in Punjab. ZHL aspires to be the beacon of light for women nationwide who face difficulties in procuring the right help in the situations that befalls them, by providing timely and efficient emergency medical services. In cases where hope seems bleak, ZHL operated ambulance services aim to minimize casualties and make a difference to the lives of people in need of medical and other aid.

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