Who to call for an Ambulance if you have confirmed or suspected COVID-19

Suspected Covid - Call Ambulance

Ziqitza – Who to call for an Ambulance if you have confirmed or suspected COVID-19

Despite the opening up of colleges, schools, workplaces, and markets, the pandemic is not over. Cases of Coronavirus continue to rise in India and all around the world. Even though there has been a steady decline in the number of daily confirmed cases in India, the danger of the second wave of the Coronavirus still looms above our heads.

Though there have been a lot of reported cases in India, many people are still not aware of the procedure to follow if a suspected corona case arises. In today’s Ziqitza blog, we are going to talk about how to call for an ambulance if you or your near ones are suspected COVID positive. our household.

How to identify a Covid suspected Patient?

Taste is the most detectable indicator– The first thing to do would be to consult a doctor. But in an emergency, ask the patient to eat or drink something flavourful that they can identify easily. If they can’t taste it, then there are high chances that they have been infected with the virus. Lack of taste can be identified pretty easily and in a pandemic of COVID-19, losing one’s taste is a huge red flag.

Frequent Fever with coughs– Fever is the most common indication of a viral infection. Do check the temperature of the patient regularly with PPEs in place or ask them to do it.. Fever can last mildly for about a day in some patients, while it can last for 7 to 10 days in others.

Diarrhea- Loose motions are also an indicator of the Coronavirus. A long-lasting disturbance in bowel movements that especially pertain to diarrhea can mean the infection of COVID-19.

Fatigue and/or Chills- Fatigue or chills that run through the body coupled with the above symptoms is a huge red sign of the Coronavirus. If the patient feels weak and has other symptoms like nausea or a runny nose, there is a decent chance of them being a Corona patient.

There are many more symptoms of the Coronavirus that include vomiting, body aches, headaches, sore throat, and such, but the above symptoms are easily identifiable and distinguishable for a COVID-19 case.

How To Proceed If You Suspect A Person Of COVID-19?

Ziqitza Limited would advise you to immediately quarantine the patient and come in no contact with him/her without proper personal protective equipment. Ziqitza recommends a mask, face shield, and gloves to be worn if you have to come in contact with the suspected patient, but the best and safest thing to do would be to ask the patient to self-quarantine. 

Sanitize your surroundings if the patient is from your household and note down carefully all the objects he/she came in contact with. After quarantining the suspected patient, the most important thing to do is to protect others from infection. Wear PPE in your home if possible until the patient recovers and ask him/her to do so too. Give the patient nutritious food and include fluids in his/her diet. Water should also be a key component. Though consult a doctor for a thorough diagnosis and get to know what further steps should be taken.

Whom To Call If There Is A Corona Case Near Me?

The first thing you need to do is to contact the respective authorities. Or if it is an emergency and the patient is showing strong symptoms, call an ambulance.

Ziqitza Healthcare ltd provides the best ambulances that are available in India. Ziqitza Ambulances are at the top of the line and can compete with their international counterparts.

Keeping in mind the plight of the country due to the pandemic and the absurdly high numbers, Ziqitza Healthcare provides separate ambulances for COVID cases and non-COVID cases. Ziqitza ambulances are fitted with the best oxymeter in the market and are optimized to ensure the fastest and most secure transfer of patients.

If you call Ziqitza Limited’s ambulances through the helpline +919700001298, the operator will ask you basic details about the location and the patient, and a Ziqitza ambulance will be dispatched within 5 minutes. To know more about Ziqitza Healthcare ltd ambulance services, click here!

What Happens After an Ambulance picks a patient?

The patient will be taken to the nearest hospital and will be treated accordingly. Government officials will come to your residence if you are the patient or related to a patient to know more about the details for the official national COVID-19 registry.

The patient will be kept in quarantine in the hospital under treatment and when he/she gets better, will be discharged but would still be asked to self-quarantine for some time. 

The main thing to take away would be to match symptoms of the patients with the symptoms given on the official site of the CDC. Then self quarantining would be the next step and sanitizing your surroundings would be advised. Given one or two days, if the symptoms worsen, the patient should then be taken to a hospital with proper safety measures and in case of emergencies, an ambulance needs to be called.

Ziqitza Healthcare operates many state ambulance helplines as well and provides Indian citizens with top-notch emergency services. We have served in 16 states of India including Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Orissa, and Madhya Pradesh. Ziqitza Healthcare has continuously proven to be the best emergency service provider in India, and in grave times of the pandemic, Ziqitza workers have served over 3,2000 coronavirus patients in Punjab

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