Benefits of the Medical Room during Monsoon

Benefits of Medical Room


After the heating summers, the arrival of the monsoon brings a smile to every face. Suddenly the temperature dips and the air get wet. As we know that every coin has two sides, and the monsoon also has the same. The pleasant weather also brings diseases into the environment. Monsoon rain sometimes damages the water and sanitation infrastructure and leads to breeding mosquitoes. This increases the threat of diseases like typhoid, malaria, dengue and many more. The diseases can affect anyone at any place, it can affect children in schools, employees in offices, workmen at the site etc. There arises the need for medical rooms. Ziqitza Healthcare ltd provides medical rooms facility for every such place.

Medical Rooms

Medical rooms are basically the first aid room. Any person injured or feeling ill is taken to this for first aid and primary medication until professional medical help arrives. These rooms are equipped with a patient bed, basic facilities like an oxygen cylinder, basic injections and medicines etc., a paramedic and a doctor.

Obtaining good health care is a crucial part of good health. For primary health care we need medical rooms at different places:

Medical Room On-Site / Offices

Medical rooms on sites help the employees to get early attention to illness. This is because, if there is no medical facility on site, then most people will not visit the doctor until it’s really important but a medical room available at offices will attract the employee to get a checkup even for a fever. It offers a convenient option at a low cost for a high-quality service. It saves the time of the employee as there is no such need to wait for long appointments, no travelling time and no need to take a leave for a single doctor visit. It is also seen that a medical room in offices has decreased the percentage of absenteeism due to illness.

Medical Room in the School

A school is a second home for every child. The school is working towards the growth of the intellectual health of students. At the same time, they are also responsible for taking care of the physical health of the students. In schools, students often get hurt and bruised. It’s the responsibility of the school to take care of their students and give them initial first aid. Especially, the monsoon season also calls for the regular need for medical facilities. The facilities also keep a check on the weight and height of their students. All this makes parents also satisfied.

Medical Room in a Society Complex

A working person spends around 12 hours in the office and 12 hours in their house. Kids and homemakers spend more than half of their days in houses. So, it is equally important for housing societies to have a medical room. Any emergency like kids getting hurt while playing, anybody got a cut or any such situation. There must be a doctor for every kind of first aid need in the society complex.

About ZHL Rajasthan

Ziqitza Healthcare was founded back in 2005 by a team of some young professionals. Their main aim is to save the lives of people by any means they can. Ziqitza provides ambulance service, animal ambulance, medical room facility etc. They are trying their best to meet the international standards of providing medical help.

In this monsoon weather, some states of India see heavy rainfall and the need for medical emergencies increase. Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan is also working on the same grounds and providing medical rooms wherever required as Rajasthan is also facing a lot of heavy rainfall. ZHL Rajasthan is making sure that their medical rooms have all the basic amenities, paramedics and a doctor. This will provide people with quick treatment. Ziqitza Rajasthan has expertise in creating medical rooms on-site for their employees. Their work makes sure that employee takes less leave from work and consults the doctor whenever needed.

Ziqitza limited not only provide medical room facility to offices but also in schools, housing societies, sports complexes etc. They do give an advantage of providing a dietician and a physiotherapist along with the doctor and paramedic. Ziqitza HealthCare Limited is a great choice if someone is looking for medical rooms with international standard quality.

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