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Star News (27 December)

1298 Mumbai Ambulance was featured on Star News on 27 December in Anna Hazare's rally in MMRDA grounds BKC.

Saving a life is one of the most rewarding experience a person can undergo in his/her lifetime quote by Mahatama Gandhi @ ZHL we believe and practice the same. On 27 December 4 lives were saved in Punjab. In a brutal accident where 4 people were wounded and needed immediate medical assistance 108 Punjab Ambulance crew not only provided immediate medical aid but also transferred the critical patients to nearby hospital. Our efforts were appreciated by local journals like Punjab Kesari, Ajit, Jag bani.

Over 4000 people who attended sports tournament in Rajkot district also attended 108 Punjab awareness camp on 28 December. The event was attended by Amardeep Singh: President Nagar Council and Butta Singh: President tournament committee. The awareness camp was a huge success as the attendees got hands on experience on 108 Punjab services.

Over 300 students participated in the awareness activity organized in Stani Memorial College, Jaipur on 28 December. The event focused on the services offered by 108 Rajasthan.

Over hundreds of Asha workers in Punjab attended the demo camp on 12 December. This camp educated Asha workers on the services offered by 108 Ambulance and also were trained on how to handle medical emergency.

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