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First Responder Program

While Ziqitza Health Care strives to offer the best in emergency medical care, we also believe in empowering ordinary citizens to respond appropriately to emergency situations. In association with our partners like HSBC, TATA AIG, and British Petroleum, Ziqitza Health Care offers a range of workshops to train ordinary citizens to respond to medical emergencies with First Aid and Basic Life Support techniques. 
What is a First Responder?
  • First and vital link of a good Emergency Response System (ERS) of any society.
  • Trained in simple, lifesaving techniques that a non-doctor or lay person can perform with minimal equipment and provide aid in emergencies till more advanced care is made available to the victim.
  • Recognizes emergency and activates the ERS.
  • Provide essential care to preserve life
  • To prevent further harm to victim
What is First Aid?
First aid is the immediate assistance given to a casualty or victim of sudden illness or injuries before being taken to a health unit for further management. The aims of giving First Aid are: 
  • To save life
  • To relieve pain
  • To promote quick recovery
  • To prevent further injuries and infection
  • To control bleeding
  • To be able to transport casualties

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