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181 Punjab Police Helpline

Launched on August 11, 2013, 181 Punjab Police Helpline is an initiative of the Government of Punjab and Punjab Police. The helpline is a reliable grievance redressal mechanism, which aims to provide round-the-clock of assistance to women, children, senior citizens, NRIs and those faced with police inaction.

Ziqitza Health Care has established a 24x7, 20-seat call centre staffed by trained and qualified executives in Mohali. It has multimodal accessibility through website, fax, e-mail and phone.

181 Punjab Police Helpline - Salient Features
  • Removes need for physical contact between police and public
  • Provides multiple modes of contact
  • Introduces a non-police layer between the police and the public to inspire confidence, credibility and confidentiality
  • Professional counselors and psychologists available 24x7
  • Elaborate mechanism to follow-up on public complaints
  • Assured feedback to callers/complainants
  • Citizen feedback through non-police interface
  • Confidentiality assured