Committed to Care


The pioneering Dial 1298 For Ambulance presently operates in Bihar, Odisha, Punjab, Kerala and Mumbai. The ambulances are owned by Ziqitza Health Care and the service is made self-sustainable by charging the end user a fee that differs based on the choice of private or government hospital. Socially responsible corporates also extend their support by advertising on ambulances.

Ziqitza Health Care operates two types of ambulances in this model: Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS). Our trained doctors and emergency medical technicians (EMT) on board each ambulance administers First Aid and Basic Life Support techniques and other pre-hospital care to stabilize patients. BLS ambulances are equipped with emergency kits, medicines and patient transport equipment that make the difference in lives saved during an emergency. ALS ambulances also carry life-saving equipments including defibrillator, oxygen cylinder and electrocardiography (ECG) machine.